Relaxing Update

There’s nothing like a cancer update to take your mind off of a worldwide pandemic. Just doing my part. The above photo I took at one of my favorite places to relax, Mirror Lake in the High Uintas of Utah. I hope you enjoy it as I fill you in on my cancer progress since early January.

Just to remind you, I was started on Tamoxifen (an anti-estrogen pill) in January which sometimes helps slow ovarian cancer. I’m still taking the Fenben (dewormer) and getting Avastin chemotherapy every 3 weeks. I have not changed my diet mostly because there’s only certain foods that appeal to me right now, such as fruit, salad, cottage cheese, cheese and crackers with an occasional taco or burrito. Oh, and Skinny Cow in the evening. I saw my oncologist this week and reported that I was feeling about the same with no abdominal symptoms. I asked him about parp inhibitors which seem to be the up and coming treatment for recurring ovarian cancer. He informed me that they are usually given as a maintenance treatment after receiving successful platinum chemotherapy. Since I have not had that for about a year (remember my bladder can’t tolerate those drugs), we would have to jump through some hoops to be able to qualify for it. I really was just interested in why he never brought it up before and that answered my question. It’s also like $10K per month (over the counter I presume) so I’m not likely to go for that. Every decision I make is predicated on the cost/benefit principle of life. Does the cost of my choice or behavior outweigh the benefits I may receive?

Here is something interesting. My cancer markers since December:

3 December 2019    163              28 January 2020     262     avg. increase per week = 12

18 February 2020     297             avg. increase per week = 11

10 March 2020     312                  avg. increase per week = 5

My latest increase came in at the lowest I’ve had, so that is good. I am taking more of the Fenben than I was–5 times per week with probably a slightly larger dose. I am buying the 4gm dose and just estimate what 1 gm is. And perhaps the Tamoxifen is helping as well. We are continuing with the current treatment until I see him again in July.

So that is the update in a nutshell. Be safe, love your family and wash your hands:)



One thought on “Relaxing Update

  1. We love you Marsha. I’m
    so glad to hear your markers are so low. Keep up your amazing attitude and call if you need me.


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